An effective communications team may include one or more of the following (examples are for Thirty-Second District ):

  • Communications vice president or chairman:

    • Chair of the communications committee, sits on executive board.

    • Leads creation of a communication plan that complements the goals of the association, including a content calendar that addresses all available channels.

    • Works with other communications committee members to solicit content from district officers and chairs and publicize upcoming events/programs.

    • Provides training, as needed, when requests come up through channels.

    • Reviews logos, graphics, etc to ensure that they meet National PTA and CAPTA guidelines.

    • Assists the president and other officers in their preparation of remarks for media interviews.

    • Manages volunteer hours log for district.

  • Website/Technology manager/chair:

    • Sits on communications committee.

    • Updates website content/structure as needed to publicize upcoming events/programs.

    • Is the primary GSuite admin for the district and manages email, the district’s public and private GDrives. Creates/updates/maintains the district directory in GSuites.

    • Manages all district domains, including coordinating payment for hosting and registration. Works with vendor tech support to resolve issues and creates/shares vendor trainings as necessary to support the work of the executive board

  • Social media chair/coordinator:

    • Sits on communications committee.

    • Posts/schedules content, shares content from CAPTA’s green light sources and coordinates responses to comment on the districts social media accounts (2017-19 term: Facebook, Twitter).

  • Newsletter/e-newsletter editor/chair/coordinator:

    • Sits on communications committee.

    • Works with Executive Board member(s) to create district wide officer email list from PTAEZ in August each year and checks periodically throughout year for changes/updates.

    • Sets schedule for then, solicits and coordinates content district officers and chairs for bi-monthly newsletter.

See CAPTA Job Descriptions for Communications Leader.