2019-2020 Reflections Key Dates

Council finalist entries
due to District:

December 6, 2019

District Showcase:

January 9, 2020

CAPTA Due Date:

January 15, 2019

The Reflections Art Program is a national program that celebrates art and creativity in our children. It is the perfect opportunity for students, K - 12, to express themselves artistically. Whether by visual art, film, or dance, Reflections is the chance to show your artistic side. 

The Reflection competition starts at the local school/PTA unit level. Most local units are in full swing! For more information, please check in with your school’s PTA. For more information, or to see past winners, please go to:

2018 District Showcase Winners

Congrats to all our students who submitted art to their Unit and Council Reflections programs. Sixty-four pieces have been selected to continue to the Thirty-Second District. These pieces were judged by a panel of experts in late December 2017, and student pieces were sent to Sacramento in January 2018 to be judged in the statewide competition by CAPTA at it’s spring convention. State winners were sent to the National PTA 2018 summer convention. Students who advanced to the District level were invited to our 2018 Founders’ Day Dinner Celebration to be acknowledged.

Primary - Devin A., Mt. Diablo

Intermediate - Val G., Martinez

Middle - Zach S., Las Trampas

High - Madeline H., San Ramon

Visual Arts

Special Artist - Bryce K, San Ramon

P - Avni G, Martinez

I - Nakai M, Bayside

M - Tiffany T, Las Trampas

H - Sofia L, Las Trampas

Honorable  Mentions:

Jayden P (P-SRV)

Marilyn Jb(I-LTC)

Rhianna H (M - Martinez)

Visual Arts, 3D

P - no entries

I - Ariya S, San Ramon

M - no entries

H - Elizabeth S, San Ramon

Music Composition

P - Inika A, San Ramon

I - Mahathi S, San Ramon

M - Namratha K, Las Trampas

H - Nicholas C, Las Trampas


P - Inaaya MH, San Ramon

I - Laoise OD, Las Trampas

M - Corina R, Bayside

H - Emily W, San Ramon

Honorable Mentions:

Alyssa H (P-LTC)

Aliyah L (I-SRV)

Annie M (M-SRV)


Special Artist - Bryce K, San Ramon

P - Pearce R, Las Trampas

I - Kassandra C, Bayside

M - Charlotte M, Las Trampas

H - Quinn E, Mt. Diablo

Honorable Mentions:

Lily E (I-LTC)

Kelly T (M-Bayside)


Special Artist - Bryce K, San Ramon

P - Clara C, Bayside

I - Willa A, Martinez

M - Kyra A, Las Trampas

H - TIE Will Mi, Mt. Diablo and Julia B, Las Trampas

Honorable Mentions:

Stella C (P-LTC), 

Trevor G (I- LTC)

Kayla W (M-Martinez)


Primary: Clara C, Bayside

Intermediate: Nakai M, Bayside

Middle School: Namratha K, Las Trampas

High School: Emily W, San Ramon