The California State PTA uses social media and encourages leaders at all levels to participate in an engaging and productive exchange. The community-based aspects of social media can benefit PTAs in reaching out to new audiences, engaging an existing base and ensuring Family Engagement at all levels of a school focused community. However, use of social media carries with it certain responsibilities. To assist leaders and members in making responsible decisions about using social media, CAPTA has established the following guidelines:

Social Media Guidelines for PTAs (units/councils/districts) in California
Social Media Guidelines for PTA Leaders and Members in California

Remember: You speak for yourself but your actions reflect on the organization. Do not post confidential information, accusatory statements, or any defamatory information. Be respectful, truthful, discreet and responsible no matter your privacy settings.

Unclear what you can post as your PTA unit or council or district? Discuss with your Council President or reach out the Thirty-Second District’s VP of Communications. Review CAPTA’s Green/Yellow/Red Social Media Content Guidelines.