Principles of parliamentary law are

  • justice and courtesy to all;
  • rights of the minority protected;
  • rule of the majority reflected;
  • partiality to none;
  • consideration of one subject at a time.

– California State PTA Toolkit


Bylaws Review

Bylaws should be reviewed annually, and updated every three years. A link for the procedure for bylaws review is below. Once bylaws are amended they need to be sent to the PTA council for review and then council will submit to Thirty-Second District PTA. Out of Council Units will submit directly to district.

Guide to Elections

The Nominating Committee is charged with putting together a slate of officers for election. Your bylaws state how this should be done. The following information may also be helpful in the process.


Send the List of the Board-Elect to your Council
So that the newly elected board can start receiving PTA materials, please send the list of the newly elected board to Council and District as soon as possible after the election and no later than May 1


Job Description