Convention Registration Fees and Links

Registration is open!

Delegates can click here to register online or click here to download, and print, the mail-in form. Mail-in forms are due to CAPTA by April 30, 2019. At the time of registration, registrants will have to pay the $20 District Fee at time of registration.

When checking in at Convention you will need the following:

  • Current Membership Card

  • Barcode confirmation email

Budgeting & Expenses

The costs to attend the annual California State PTA is a legitimate PTA expense; training is a priority and delegate attendance from every council and unit is strongly encouraged. Your Council and Unit associations should have budgeted for convention in July 2018 for at least two voting delegates to attend convention, one being the returning president or president-elect.

Associations must approve the transfer of funds to the convention account and release the funds before the delegates are elected. Any changes to the budget are to be reviewed at an Executive Board meeting, with a recommended motion with changes presented to the association for approval.

Items to consider when reviewing your budget:

  • Convention registration cost

  • Hotel room – Rooms should be booked with double occupancy. Don’t have a roomie? Let us help you find one by emailing or you can request a single occupancy room and self pay for half of the total room cost.

  • District Fee - $20 per attendee to be paid at time of registration

  • District Dinner Cost - $49 per attendee

  • CAPTA Evening Event - $45 per attendee

  • Mileage - reimbursement rate is determined by each unit/council and may be different. For reference, 32nd District mileage reimbursement is $0.58 per mile. We recommend carpooling! If carpooling, only the driver may submit a mileage reimbursement.
    If you would like to rent a car using Enterprise use Code: NACA102 and PIN: ]P* for a discounted rate.   

  • Parking – Check with your hotel for parking cost per day. If you carpooled, only the driver may request reimbursement.

  • Tips – unit/council approved set per diem amount for housekeeping, transportation, etc.

  • Other transportation – to mitigate this cost we recommend staying at a CAPTA host hotel and dine near the Conference Center and hotels.  

  • Meals – unit/council approved daily per diem shall include tip amounts for each meal  

Need help with Convention expenses?  

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Estimated Delegate Costs Breakdown

*Please note that this is only an estimation and cost will vary by registration date, distance for mileage, hotel choice, and per diem allowance. Alcohol purchases are not reimbursable. Due to mileage and parking costs, we strongly encourage carpooling and can help arrange that in order to marshal our collective PTA resources.