New Insurance Guide: January 2019

California State PTA changed insurance brokers to AIM Association Insurance Management Inc. in October 2018. AIM has worked diligently over the past couple of months to ensure that our PTAs are receiving the best coverage for their premium costs, and we are happy to announce the following changes in effect as of January 5, 2019:

  • Units, councils and districts will receive broader coverage for their events without the need for underwriting or additional premium on a case by case basis

  • Each PTA will now have its own limit for Directors & Officers coverage, rather than the aggregated limit which was shared by all units, councils and districts in 2018

  • Under General Liability, fire damage coverage has increased

  • Additional activities such as inflatables, bounce houses and carnivals are now included in the standard coverage; however, please consult and follow guidelines as outlined in the Toolkit:

While there have been changes to some carriers, please note that there has been no change to limits or coverage except for broadened coverage as noted above. AIM will be sending Certificates of Insurance to all units this month. You may also request a copy of this certificate from AIM any time during the year. Questions? Need contact info or a copy of the guide? Contact your Council President or the District Treasurer.