Answers to frequently asked questions

Q: What is the estimated total costs for this year’s Convention?
A: Click here for a breakdown of a total estimate of costs for this year’s Convention.

Q: What do I wear?
A: Comfortable business casual is recommended. Be smart with your footwear - there will be lots of walking. No rips, holes, tears, foul language, or political statement/campaign gear. Don’t forget a light sweater as temperatures will fluctuate from room to room and outdoors.

Q: What’s the expected conduct?
A: Remember that you are representing your unit/council and district, so make them proud! Be prepared. Be present. Be open-minded. Be kind.

Q: Can you help me find a roommate?
A: We would be happy to assist you in finding a roommate. Please email

Q: Do I need to report back to my unit/council?
A: Yes, you need to report back everything you learned at the general meetings, workshops or table talks you attended, and resolution voting outcomes. This should be provided to your unit/council with your request for reimbursement.

Q: What goes on my Expense Report/Request for Reimbursement?
A: Any items for reimbursement should have been set by your unit/council. Here is a sample reimbursement form that you may use with approval from your unit/council.

Q: What workshops or table talks should I attend?
A: You should plan your workshops or table talks with your unit/council. As a delegate, you are expected to attend the trainings, workshops, or table talks selected by your board. You can see the full list of workshops, table talks and trainings by clicking here.

Q:Does the District offer any grants to help with expenses?
A: Yes we do! Just complete this Google Form by clicking here. The deadline for applications is March 26, 2019.

Any other questions? Send an email to