delegate information

Delegates are elected at an association meeting (10 days prior notice) after convention fees are posted by State PTA and before the convention.  Now is the time to elect your delegates and review your budget to determine if additional funds can be allocated to the budget to fully fund expenses for your delegates and non-voting members, or to set a reasonable rate for reimbursement that is not to exceed a specific amount per person.

What does a delegate do?  

  • Attends every Convention General Meeting, workshops/table talks each session, CAPTA evening event and 32nd District Dinner

  • Meets and mingles with other 32nd District attendees, CAPTA Leaders and other PTA members from across California.

  • Reports back to their association

  • Most importantly – Votes on behalf of their association, on any resolutions or other actions brought up for discussion  

How many delegates can we send?

  • First, is your unit/council in Good Standing?

    • Are your bylaws current or in process?

    • Did you forward 15 memberships?

    • Did you pay insurance?

    • Did you do your taxes?

    • Did you send in your workers comp?

    • Not sure? Email 32nd District Treasurer Jenny Jensen at

  • Associations of over 250 memberships but less than 501 are entitled to two elected delegates in addition to the president-elect or president.

  • If your association over 250 members or you want to see CAPTA Bylaws ARTICLE XV follow this link

For Parliamentary procedure for election of delegates and for release of funds please follow this link.

You will find a more detailed schedule with trainings, workshops and table talks in the Convention Registration Book Download.