2019 Resolutions

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What are PTA resolutions?

Resolutions call attention to a problem and a need for action on a particular issue. They are a major source of policy for the California State PTA and its units, councils, and districts. If a problem or situation has statewide implications affects children and youth and warrants PTA action, a convention resolution is one way to authorize action.

What’s in a resolution?

  • Preamble - The Preamble is statements of fact containing background information and reason(s) for the resolution. Each statement begins with the word Whereas.

  • Request for Action - The request for action is a recommendation to the convention delegates on how to proceed with the issue set forth in the Whereas statement(s). Each request for action begins with the word Resolved. There may be more than on Resolved statement.

  • Background - The Background Summary is a narrative highlighting the most important facts from the resource material. The background information must demonstrate the issue affects children and is statewide in scope. It must be consistent and in harmony with PTA purposes, policies, and current or previous positions. It must not duplicate existing PTA resolutions.

Preparing for the Convention Vote

Prior to conventions, units, councils, and districts are encouraged to review, discuss and vote on the resolutions to guide the delegate action at convention. All should be aware that a resolution could be change at Convention. Discussion (after a motion) gives the voting delegate a better idea of the unit/councils intent and allows them to adapt and respond to what’s happening.

Sample motion on Resolutions at your unit/council: I move that the ________ (unit or council name) ____________(position ex: “to support”, “to oppose”, etc.) the Resolution _________________ (title).

Resolution hearings at convention

This is your opportunity to hear from the makers of the resolutions and learn why they believe the resolutions is important to PTA. At this time, you can also submit amendments to the resolutions, called an Intent to Amend, which may strengthen or clarify the resolutions.

Two hearings will be held at Convention:

  1. Thursday, May 16th - 8 - 9 a.m.

  2. Friday, May 17th - 8 - 9 a.m.
    *Locations will be posted in your Convention Book

Resource links

List of Current CAPTA Resolutions
CAPTA Toolkit: Resolutions and Resolution Procedures Booklet

for more information

You can contact the CAPTA Resolution Chair

  • email: resolutions@capta.org

  • phone: (916)440-1985 ext. 324