Mission and Goals

Thirty-Second District PTA
2015-2017 Mission and Goals

The mission of the Thirty Second (32nd) District PTA is to empower and support its councils and units as we promote the purposes and benefits of PTA, foster membership, develop leadership and lead advocacy efforts on behalf of all children and families.
Goal 1: Empower Councils through training and leadership development.

  1. Build personal relationships with councils and units through District meetings and by scheduling District officers to visit each council at least once a year.
  2. Identify trainers in each Council for key areas and use the “Train-the-Trainer” model as well as peer mentoring.
  3. Provide a minimum of two District-wide trainings per year to include:
    1. Leadership training (fall)
    2. Leadership Academy (spring)
  4. When chartering new units, partner with councils to mentor units every month for the first six months and then every three months thereafter through the next 18 months.
  5. Encourage (and provide scholarships as necessary) annual attendance by at least one person:
    1. from each unit – the California State PTA Convention
    2. from each unit – California State PTA Legislative Conference
    3. from each council – National PTA Convention
  6. Celebrate and reinforce the PTA mission with District’s annual Founder’s Day where volunteers are recognized with Honorary Service Awards, and students are presented with scholarships.

Goal 2: Support Councils Advocacy, Membership, and Program efforts with materials, technology and communication.

  1. Provide and maintain at the highest standard, the following District wide communications: newsletters, website, social media channels, directory.
  2. Assist councils and units in using technology (including websites, social media, and digital tools) and support efforts to grow technology access when needed.
  3. Communicate PTA’s legislative priorities, positions and procedures and the importance of advocacy and civics.
  4. Encourage units to promote individual PTA member participation in the LCAP review process within all Thirty Second District School Districts.
  5. Encourage units to conduct membership campaigns and programs, and communicate the resources available from PTA.
  6. Encourage councils and units to be inclusive, encourage diversity and provide the use of interpretation equipment and translated materials when possible.
  7. Encourage participation in and share opportunities for Parent Education (including the Special Needs Parent Community) throughout the district.
  8. Provide timely information from the California State PTA, the County Board of Education and other sources to Councils regarding children and youth.

approved by the board 9/21/15